Stone washed UST Base- case .

Been using this pimped version of the UST a fair bit out &about and so far it seems to have taken everything I have asked of it esp in its waterproof capacities . 

Seen here being used in the woods to carry basic survival kit of a LM ‘Style’ multi-tool, x2 baddest bee fire fuzes in waxed ended heat shrink, x2 10 hour mini chem- sticks , Silva SERE compass, mini  MK3 cyflect marker , x3 tinder paper circles , fire steel toggle and x2 Swan Norton scalpel blades wrapped in flammable waxed paper

full specs here

available here in UK

Survival Hatchet.

 Whilst I had the Technora 950 out to wrap up my AK knife I thought it may be cool to wrap up the haft of my Gransfors Bruks belt hatchet too .

The small axe lives in my Kifaru E&E pack and just wanted to see what add-ons I could add to the existing set up to make it better .

I wrapped the haft in over 200 inchs of the technora 950 cord from (many thanks Sync_below) giving a great grip but also a load of 950 lb breaking strain cord .

To the existing kydex mask I added a fire- steel toogle to the shock cord retention system , a Photon freedom Micro with 360 degree rotation and one of my Mini MK3 double sided Glint &Glow markers in 3M orange reflective and cyflect reverse .

 To the technora lanyard I added a mini Go-tube from snakeDr/ oscar delta which is perfect for stashing small SERE / E&E kit in this case a micro fire-steel/ needle  wrapped in several feet of micro cord ,  x2 swan Norton scalpels blades wrapped in waxed brown tinder paper , x2 Hammero tinder card circles, a baddest bee fire fuze sealed in heat shrink and a 10 hour red mini chem light .

 Apart from the obvious benefits of the axe with increased range, cutting/ chopping  power, use as a hammer  etc , there’s the added benefit of using the technora as a friction saw that will cut through wood , there are now also 2 ways to make fire , x5 forms of tinder and x5 lighting / signaling options .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

AK sheath and handle wrap .

I decided to wrap the proto AK that I’d collaborated on with Bones knives in some technora 950, the knife design had been field tested over the summer and has recently been re- stone washed   .

It aids in bulking out the slim low profile micarta scales and also gives over 100 inchs of 950 lb breaking strain cord , so needed to modify its sheath somewhat to fit its new wrap .

The new coyote brown kydex sheath runs off a large Blade tech tek- lock for horizontal  or Molle lock  or the Dorset woodland blades kydex belt extender for vertical carry .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

Custom leather sheath for my ‘One for The Road ’ knife .

The ‘Road’ was purchased by a collector of my work and we discussed at length the ideas for a post Apocalyptic leather sheath .

Made from wet formed 4 mm thick veg tan distressed on the workshop floor , double dyed light / dark brown for an aged effect then rubbed back with wire wool .

Riveted with hammered copper saddlery rivets and brass kydex eyelets and set for horizontal carry via a large tek-lock.

 For vertical carry the sheath runs on a Dorset Woodland blade’s kydex extender . The sheath is finished off with a custom made fire steel in the same materials as the knife and a hammered copper fire steel holder  with kangaroo leather lanyard with bronze shackle and leg tie .

All of the add-on’s are removable via kydex hardware screws with the top leather belt keeper having a Cyflect Glint &Glow Concho  fixed to a brass cog .

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

Solid bronze thingamajig.

Cut from a large bronze jet turbine washer

 This thingamajig is a test piece to see how the bronze cuts , shapes drills etc it was then hammer hardened, etched , brass black then stone washed .

Serves no real function hence the name but great for hanging key rings/ EDC gear from in this case a copper mini chem stick Holder and GITD O-rings added for a little GITD bling .

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

Practicing techniques with the Bones knives / Ru Titley knives  collaboration AK knife .

 Battening then feathering cedar wood fuzz sticks , collecting and cutting birch bark and King Alfred Cake tinder fungus , striking Light my fire Army fire steel and keeping it all going .

I’m very proud to announce that Bones and I are going to be making up a limited edition run of these AK knives and I will soon be showing the larger  AK Max version that were working on for a good customer , so will update as soon as its completed .

Bones knives

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from