Ru Titley knives Competition.

As De la Soul once famously sang ‘3 is the magic number ’ and as I just passed 3333 followers here’s a little competition to give something back to you guys N gals.

The prize is the Ru Titley made Kiridashi you see above made from high carbon saw blade steel,  108mm over all length and a 33mm edge . Scales are brown Tufnol over clear G-10 liners and a coyote brown kydex neck sheath .

The competition is real easy just give the knife you see above a name 

Ok so here are the Rules,

 You must be following Ru Titley knives and must be a Tumblr member

if you want to enter the comp please’ Like’ the knife and Re blog then comment as to what you think is the best name for the kiridashi, one comment per person please folks .

Please do not message me here or contact me via email with your suggestion.

Please do not enter the comp if you are under 18 YEARS OLD or may not legally own this kind of knife in your Country . I will be asking for proof of age so please do not enter if you can not legally own this knife

Please do not include swear words or other offensive language/ terms  in naming the knife as this will not be appreciated .  

I will leave the comp open till Sunday 5th October . I will then choose what I think is the best name for the knife from all the entries and will post the winners name in a thread  please note there is only one winner and only one prize .



Field testing the Companion knife  .

 Well golf balls and Mil-spec climbing rope are not real tasty but both are a good test of a knifes edge holding and HT .

Cheers Bones, you are the Man .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

Companion knife testing .

Field testing the overall knife design , edge geometry, grinds, ergonomics of the handles and of course the heat treatment seen here battening well seasoned and greenwood ash , alder , hazel and oak logs .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

The new Janus Strip -light can be lashed or tethered to gear for kit marking , it can be screwed / nailed to trees or buildings as a trail marker or worn around the neck as a personal marker  .

It can be attached direct to MOLLE or any 1 inch webbing  vertically using Blade -tech MOLLE locks or Tactical Tailor Malice clips or horizontal should you prefer using ITW Nexus web dominators .

Custom knives ,sheaths and gear from

New version Janus Strip- light .

This is a new product I will be sending out for testing to Valeydeepmountainhigh and the UK SAR team who I work closely with , it takes the extra length of the original Strip- light but instead of having a Velcro back its double sided just like the MK3 Glint &Glow personal markers .

Seen here in Cyalume Cyflect and reverse side 3M orange US Coast guard approved orange reflective with cyflect onlays.

The Janus Strip- light has a semi flexible central core , it can be used as a trail marker , personal ID tag neck carry marker or as a kit marker and the combination of materials used allow for day and night marking but also low and high light environments .

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

Buffalo teeth and horn .

  A good friend has just returned from a motorcycle trip traveling in Nepal and India and got me these very cool gifts .

 The 100 or so skull mantra beads are hand carved skulls made from water buffalo horn, each is unique and has 2 faces. I’ll be striping them down for use as beads on my knives and gear  .

The larger leather backed pendant features a full set of water buffalo teeth  which if I cant think of a good use for will become a photo back drop for ethnic inspired knives and amulets .

 Cheers Man there perfect !