DWB kydex extender.

As promised here’s some pics and some info on these great kydex extenders made by Duncan at Dorset Woodland Blades .

These are water jet cut and have been designed by Duncan to fit onto kydex sheaths via traditional kydex mounting hardware , they will fit onto any standard sheath eyelet spacing for either a large / small tek- lock MOLLE lock etc .

 Tek-locks can be fitted at the top of the extender to allow a dropped carry  useful for larger handled knives that can ride high above a belt or can be fitted as standard to the sheath with the extender sandwiched between if preferred .

The water jet cut slots at the top can also be used to mount Mil-Spec webbing to allow for a longer drop leg carry  and Duncan currently offers 2 sizes for standard webbing a 1 inch and 1.5 inch version see the first picture .

You can also see on my British Bulldog sheath that the customer can heat mold the extender for their own desired canter allowing the user to further customize the carry of their knife  .

DWB info here http://www.dorsetwoodlandblades.co.uk

Mk1 British Bull dog Kydex .

OD green multi- carry kydex can be worn  via a lage Tek-lock in horizontal / vertical mode or via a MOLLE lock for pack vest use  or by a custom made kydex belt extender more of which I will show soon .

By adding a simple rubber IWB loop the sheath can also carry various sized MOLLE pouch’s for multi- tool, flashlight , spare pistol mag or small PSK. 

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com

A pack of Bull dogs !

Just to show the variations in my original MK1 and the new MK2 British Bulldog knife .

 The MK1 was cera-coated in flat dark earth in 5mm 01 tool steel and is 220mm over all and is 40mm at its widest point with a top false edge swedge . It has green canvas Micarta scales over orange G-10 liners and weighs about 8.5 oz.

 The MK2 stone washed in 3.5 mm high carbon saw blade is 230mm over all and 50mm at its widest point at the Ricasso it has a more pronounced re- curve to the blade and it has no jimping unlike the MK1

The handle ergonomics on the MK2 also differ slightly with a less pronounced choil  and it features fulle rounded black canvas Micarta scales over Coyote brown G-10 liners and it weighs in heavier at just over 9 oz .

 I’m currently working on a longer  ‘Alpha Dog’ version so to all those who’ve recently inquired about these knives please do bare with me as want to get this model into production but also want to make sure its spot on in its design and I will reply to emails as soon as I can  .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com

Multi carry .

Utilizing the rubber IWB loops to attach various MOLLE pouch’s onto the front of a sheath in this case my new leather multi carry for my MK2 British Bulldog knife .

 Pouches shown are a Taco from High speed gear  ,Tactical tailor and Tasmanian Tiger  and can carry multi tools , flashlight spare, pistol mag or a small PSK  .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com 

British Bulldog leather sheath.

Ive been trialing out a leather multi -carry sheath I made up for my MK2 British Bulldog knife kinda kydex like leather  .

Made up from 4.5 mm wet formed leather with a double dyed Antiqued finish to complement the blades stone wash .

Set here for horizontal small of the back carry via either x2 IWB loops (Inside Waist Band ) or via a large Blade tech tek- lock and a single IWB to aid stability  .

It can of course be re set for vertical belt carry on the tek lock as well but Im a big fan of scout carried fixed blades  .

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com

Hammaro tinder paper circles.

Ive been storing several different sizes of these that I cut out from sheets of Hammaro tinder paper in my stone washed UST base case storage ready for practice fire prep .

  Coupled up with a 6mm fire-steel and a tungsten striker , just fluff up one corner of the tinder paper with the tungsten striker,  strike and feed to a feather stick .

Hammaro info here  http://www.lightingpaper.com/paper.asp?lang=en

 available in UK here http://www.alphabushcraft.co.uk/hammaro.html