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Hi! First I want to say your blog is awesome and you make good looking knives and blades! Do you know any knife-blogs from people based in Denmark / Southern Sweden? Because I'm in Denmark now and would like to find out if there are people who are into knife making around my area. Thanks and have a nice evening!

Hey there ontheocean, many thanks for the kind words and for supporting my blog .

There’s a list here  http://www.asgard.se/skmg/pages.asp?pageid=19  of the Scandinavian knife-makers guild other wise known as Asgard .

I know that Jens Anso has a blog here on Tumblr  and that He and Jesper Voxnaes are both based in Denmark and know that Magnus Axelson , Anders Hogstrom  and Andre Andersson are all based in Sweden as are a host of other great makers .


Ru .



Glint & Glow: Ru Titley Knives

Based in the UK, Ru Titley provides custom made knives, sheaths and tactical products. I first discovered his blog through valleydeepmountainhigh, who has helped test and develop the markers we’ll be talking about today. Based on the strips of SOLAS that ValleyDeepMountainHigh used in the military, ru-titley-knives has developed a whole range of products that provide exciting new ways to “Glint & Glow”.

I have been using a selection of his products for over 3 months now and they’ve been on my pack since I received them! Besides looking really cool the are truly effective at their job. Standard “Ranger Eyes” or “Cat Eyes” have a good initial glow, but fade quickly after that. These take identification to the next level as they are useful locators, even hours after charging, due to the glint combination. These could easily work as markers for your camp or individuals, I’ve even used them on the inside of our tent to help quick location of the zipper pull.

The Square MK4 is great for attaching to the small velcro squares on various TAD clothing (the first image shows it attached to my Force 10 RS Cargo Shorts). It’s low profile and convex edges mean it doesn’t catch as easily as I’ve found other Ranger Eyes do. As well as the rather cool ‘hive’ design of the Cyflect, the interchangeable central section means you can taylor this product to specific activities whilst on-the-move. 

The ITW Web Dominator MK3 attachment (see above) is really easy to attach to any pack with webbing (most outdoor packs have at least some webbing on them). Ru suggested undoing the screwed on MK3, attaching the Web Dominator, then re-screwing the MK3 on. I found that the Web Dominator could actually be attached in reverse. I’ve had two attached to my pack almost the whole 3 months with not even a hint of them coming off.

Last year I found myself walking along roads, often at night and often at my own peril. These have put an end to that and with something attached to my straps and the back of my pack I feel very visible, in a pretty stylish way.

I seriously, seriously cannot recommend Ru-Titley’s products highly enough. The build quality is fantastic and these inventive solutions are very worth getting hold of. Also they look really cool.

Check out his site here. There is a full selection of his gear on display here, from beautiful custom knives, to other creative products like the ones seen here. He doesn’t have a store, but if you drop him an email on rtknives@hotmail.com he’ll sort you out. He’ll ship to any destination and even offers discount for any Military, LEO, SAR Teams and First Responders to name a few, so be sure to ask about a discount if you think you qualify.

Here’s a list of what I’ve got in case you want to order these specific items (second image):

MK3 double sided, Cyflect and 3m High-Vis Orange, mounted on an ITW Web Dominator x2

MK4 – 3m Orange (velcro backed) with x3 Micro Dots to fit behind.

NEW Square MK4 the Cyflect (velcro backed) designed to fit on Triple Aught Design gear kit with a GITD Micro Dot.

Mini MK3 Cyflect for zip pull.

Cyflect Micro Dots (velcro backed) to fit on the back hood of Triple Aught Design Ranger Eyes patched jackets.

Check out the massive selection of gear available on his website here.

Thank you so much for testing these out Pacconfig and I am very glad to hear that they are working out for you and your kit set ups .

Your blog and reviews are an inspiration so please do keep up the great work and I hope to have some new products for you and Andrew from VDMH to test out soon Man .

Ru .

Desert dweller.

 Digital desert camo kydex for a flat dark earthed cerakot’ed 01 tool steel kiridashi .

Can run on a cord lanyard as a necker or on a Gen-2 Blade -tech MOLLE lock or large tek lock for belt use

 With Coyote brown 550 cord , Mil-spec elastic Ranger band and type 1 vest cord handle wrap .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com