this is My In-line MOLLE kydex . This was a commission from a Customer who needed to save some real estate space on a Molle vest .

He needed to carry a Strider fixed blade ,Gerber EOD multitool and a Glo toob .I had already been working on a way to save space on a MOLLE vest or drop-leg platform trying to keep the items to one PALS grid when he approached Me about a Custom order .

Standard kydex sheaths and carriers are generally riveted down one or both sides which means they are either offset from the Malice clip or Molle lock and take up 2 PALS grids or if if double riveted then can take up 3 or even 4 grids .

the  hybrid sheaths are one piece kydex that wraps around the items that then have a single Malice clip that sits in a separate channel allowing for it to be removed when necessary. 

open construction allows for easy drainage of sand or water and the system can work for small thin fixed blades , most  folders , flashlights or pistol mags saving valuable space without compromise .

for further information please email me   

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