Small very basic PSK or Personal Survival kit set for UK urban use .

Features one of my Wookie Wallets with a Cyalume Cyflect velcro backed MK4 Glint and Glow marker .

 Inside are £40.00 in tenners and a credit card , basic personal first aid steri-strips , alchol wipe and plasters .

 A non locking multi -tool in this case Leatherman PS4 , Photon freedom with 12 hour run-time , water purification tabs should the need ever arise and a cyalume cyflect Mk 3 double sided marker .

x2 4 hour mini light-sticks , a micro fire-steel with a small needle and a custom made fire sparker wheel with added jute tinder and and of course a TAD Gear Shemagh .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

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